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15991 Perris Blvd. Moreno Valley | 12240 Pigeon Pass Rd. Moreno Valley (951)924-7558 | 145-A Ramona Expressway Perris, Ca (951)657-8250 | 2000 E. Alessandro Blvd. Riverside, Ca (951)656-6666 | 16880 Van Buren Blvd. Woodcrest, Ca (951)789-9080

About Us

We are Farmer Boys®, raised on homegrown goodness and inspired by the spirit of the heartland, where farmers work the soil under an open sky from dawn to dusk. To honor this heritage, we built a restaurant that captures the memorable flavors and aromas of a farmhouse kitchen.

Our hardworking hands transform fresh ingredients into generous, wholesome, delicious meals prepared just for you. Where every dish is promptly cooked to order, made with care and presented to you with a warm smile.

At Farmer Boys, longtime neighbors and travelers find welcome comfort as they come together to pass the time and enjoy our great food. Like old friends, we never say goodbye. Instead, we say, “See you again soon.”

Ring the bell on the way out to let us know we made you happy.